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I have started to do TV Ident for my college course, the objective was creating two different ident and show on television for people to watch.

BrainStorm – About TV Ident

I did a brainstorm about TV Ident, while I was researching I have learnt something new about United States Federal Communitcations (FCC).

Reference Link:

Small research of FCC as well as channel ident

TV Ident Videos:

After researching about TV Idents, I looked into various videos that are made for Idents.

The first three videos are related to Channel 4  and E4.

These two links influence me about how it is refreshing and colourful, although they are old ident from the 80s; using blocks with colours.

This video reminds me the time of playing tetris during the past, it was cleverly done, although it felt too long for a ident.

This video is related to BBC2.

I love this ident for two reasons; one is the wooden planks is cut out to make ‘2’ and other is the start of the ident begins by the blue sea, before zooming out from the hole that have made ‘2’ sign.

Next two is CBBC ident before year 2007.

The video is simply a bug flying in high speed before it got splat on the invisible hard surface, I used to love this ident when i was young because of how silly the bug was.

This video is one of my most favourite ident, because it gave a lot of imaginative  thoughts which caught my attention when I was young.

This video is properly one of the best video I came across while searching for television ident samples, what I love about this video is the logo of the video acts like a child with bad behaviour. It was cute and funny of how it was done.

Another video I have found while browsing, I love how the two letters are zipping off their  coats and ten race each other to no end. I found it very enjoyable.

Ideas of Two TV indents

I started to plan what two different TV idents would be used for:

The first channel is named “Aone”, it is aimed for Adults; this channel will obtain general drama series such as family life, crimes etc.

The second channel is named “CT Show”, it is aimed for children under the age of 15. This channel will be showing creative, humour cartoons as well as educational programs.

At the bottom of the picture shows two different brainstorm; it shows what kind of genre should my two channel ident should be like.

Two Channels

Three ideas for First TV Ident

It shows three different ideas for first TV ident (Aone):

Three ideas for Second Channel Ident

It shows three different ideas for Second Tv Ident would be like (CT Show):

After doing some thinking, I have decided to change few things with my two TV idents.

Changes of Aone

What I have decided in Aone was making the title shorter and easier to read (Change Aone to AU1), I made changes of my ideas into four different ideas.

After doing some thinking, I have picked 4th idea because it was much easier to draw than others.

Changes of CT Show

I also change my ideas and tried to make the drawing simpler to watch. While I was drawing, I came up with an idea to bond with a “blob”.

Each steps I did was trying to make the ident look stylish.

Planning Colours on TV idents

I did some thinking of what colours I should try putting on my TV idents and came out with this plan:

Animation Ideas of Au 1

I started to think three different ideas of how AU1 may be animated which involved with a “circle”.

Animation Idea Steps: Au1

I  started to draw each steps for three different ideas to get a better visual of how it may appear.

Animation ideas of CT Show

I applied the similar method from first ident to CT Show, but this time it involves with a “blob”.

Animation idea steps: CT Show

I started to draw each steps of how CT Show would appear in visual form.

Presentation Layouts: Au1

I suddenly think I should play a layout of how my ident would appear like in Television, so I have created three different layout for Au1.

Storyboard: AU1

I started to do a storyboard for AU1 to make things clear of how I could achieve it.

Storyboard: CT Show

I did another storyboard for other TV Ident; to make things clear as possible.


I looked up for typography which I want to use to make my Ident font to look bold and clear.

First, I did  a small quick research of what kind of font I would like to use and found a interesting one named “Copper Black”.

Reference Link:

Afterwards, I started to apply the font on AU1 and change few things around to look more neater

Although I may not finished it at the end, but it was a good experience to know about TV Idents.

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