I was release from my cell, thanks to Iris and Kai. I started to wonder, why was I being captured?

Without hesitation, I asked them before they decided their next goal,

“Why was I been captured?”

Iris and Kai look at each other for a moment. Then Iris answered my question in;

“Well… It’s Kai‘s fault leaving you behind and got your captured. Please forgive his lack of sense.”

I felt it wasn’t enough to answer my question, especially she smiled at me. It was almost like they were avoiding my question. I started asked in different view:

“So, why they’re after Kai? Were they capturing me to lure Kai? They say I was special.”

Iris became confused after hearing my question; Kai looks anxious as we suspect his odd behaviour. Kai spilled out the reason like he somewhat hate being suspicious.

“Well, I guess they are after my head… Hahaha… Maybe they still have a grudge of me; humiliated them at Yerin City… Their mistress’s necklace doesn’t look special, so I don’t really see why they still chasing me.”

Iris and I was shocked when we listen his lame excuses, I now know how stupid he really is.  Iris let out a huge sigh, like she wishes she shouldn’t join him as companion or hoping ignore his existence. I, the other hand, asked him about the necklace he stolen.

“Could you let us see the necklace?”

Kai looked shocked as if he got shot by an arrow to his heart and gently laugh it out,

“Hahaha.. ha ha.. I somewhat left it at Yerin City… Don’t worry; I’m sure I know where it is.”

He forced his smile on me. I glared at him knowing he’s in deep trouble for meddling somewhat noble person. Kai suddenly changed the topic.

“Let’s not waste time; we need to find the orange scent book. Nara, you should come with us; it’s not safe outside.”

I changed my opinion for Kai when I saw his expression; he was acting like a leader who could control the situation and sometimes, spoil the mood when the situation is gets serious. His comments left me in doubts. Once again, I curiously asked him:

“It’s not safe outside? Why’s that? An attack is happening outside?”

Kai quickly respond,

“Don’t worry about what’s going on outside, we’re safe here. Iris, do you have any ideas where the book would be?”

Iris gave a thought, wondering where it’s likely to be hidden and replied to Kai with confidence,

“It’s likely to be either at the entrance or deep end of this dungeon.”

I got annoyed when they are avoiding my question again and I suddenly roundhouse kick Kai’s stomach; just before they move on, grabbing their attention. I persuade them with confidence,

“I know where it is, I can tell you where it is, only if you tell me what’s going on outside.”

Kai ignored me regardless of my kick. He presses on searching for the diary; while Iris took the interest and notice I have something hidden under my shirt; I couldn’t believe they haven’t realised something obvious till now.

“Nara, what’s under your shirt?”

Iris is curious of what I have under my shirt; after all, it does look like a book shape poking out from my shirt. I smiled towards her; confirm she made a deal with me.

“It’s something you may be looking for.”

Iris realise what I had and called Kai back, “Kai, please come back! Nara has it!”

Kai started to run towards us, making sure if it was the truth.

“Really, Iris?”

Kai looked at me like a greedy pig and slowly confuse and looked back at Iris with dumbfound face.

“I don’t see the book.”

Iris and I stared at each other with disappointment and nod each other with an agreement to leave him out.

“Let’s go, Nara.”


We walked away from Kai’s sight and knew Kai was left behind; puzzling about this situation. Not too long, he caught up with us and desperately said,

“Iris, where are you going? We need to find the book!”

Iris couldn’t bear of the stupidity of him and told him,

“Nara has the book, foolish Kai.”


Kai was still puzzled and looked at me with his frowning face, as I take out the diary of what they were looking for; from under my shirt. Kai begun to sniff the smell of orange, and walked closer and closer to me; almost like a stupid pig searching for food. He started to sniff my blonde, straight hair… I couldn’t take his stupidity any longer and started to slam the diary towards his face then continue slamming to his stomach, as releasing my anger as I yell at him,

“GOD… DAMN… IT!…  DON’T YOU… HAVE… ANY… COMMON… SENSE?!” I took a deep breath and yell at him with all my lungs, “YOU STUPID FOOL!”

I started to catch my breath again while holding the diary tightly. Kai dropped on the ground, moaning the pain; rolling on the floor like he got food poisoned. Iris smile happily and tell Kai,

“Kai, it’s not very nice to sniff young lady’s hair.”

Kai put his pointy finger up, giving his sign to Iris, fully understood the consequence of doing inappropriate things to girls. I, the other hand, didn’t forgive his stupidity and walked towards Iris and willing to give her the diary; I felt I should give it to her, trying to avoid unnecessary events.

Iris gladly accepted it with her gentle smile, “Thank you, Nara.”

I watched Kai getting himself up, holding his stomach and looked at me with an response,

“Sorry, I’ll make sure, I won’t do it again.”

Kai smile weakly, looking for forgiveness but I looked away from Kai as soon as I saw him smiling and glance at the door and asked,

“Is this door the exit?”

Iris gently replies,

“Yes it is. We must be careful for now on. There’s a war happening outside; between the rebellions and the empire.”

Kai looked serious and whisper to Iris,

“Iris, I thought we won’t tell her.”

“It’s better to let her know now, she will ask, soon or later.”

I could hear their whispering loud and clear, I avoid their conversation and turn towards the door and I could hear the same sounds like last time but faintly. I turn the doorknob clockwise and pulled the heavy door open with all my strength. The sudden cold breeze ram down the dungeon, as I embrace myself against the wind, slowly glared outside as the wind raining down to my body.

There was a war happening near to the prison I was in, but I couldn’t tell which one is the rebels as both armies have similar outfits but different colours and symbol attached. I found it strange that in their battle, both armies do not have iron equipment; only hide helmets, studded armours and leather boots. Their weapons is something I have never seen before, their sword were made of bluish solid iron-alike.

I was surprise when a slight touch of human’s hand gently laid on my left shoulder. I forgotten about Iris and Kai was behind me, almost blocking the entrance of the prison. I looked to my left, following the trail and it turned out to be Iris’s hand; smiled cheerfully,

“Nara, it’s time to make a breakthrough. Don’t worry; we’ll protect you till we all made it through.”

I felt somewhat ease after hearing it from Iris; I think she knows how to control the situation perfectly, unlike Kai does. Speaking of which, Kai went ahead of me, and unsheathe his short bluish-metal sword and take a fighting stance.

“Let’s go.”

I suddenly wondered why we must breakthrough the battlefield, before I ask for another question; Iris took my left hand and run forward, forcing me to run with her. Kai took the lead; breaking through the chaotic field. I suddenly felt scared and anxious as I looked at many corpses laid on the ground; I had no choice but to stomp on few corpses to press onward. It was unpleasant to do but I have no choice; Iris was still pulling me through the battlefield. This terrible moment was like being pulled to run on a rough, lumpy surface.

This breakthrough was a bad idea; I don’t know why they suggest it. I started to lose my hand from Iris. Bit by bit, I knew my hand will slowly slipped away from Iris hand, there wasn’t anything that Iris and I could do. Iris was busy defending me and herself from armies as she keep pushing forward, I couldn’t keep up with her speed.

We were nowhere close to Kai; I couldn’t find him in the battlefield and hastily decided to get out from the war with Iris.

A sudden, loud roar roams across the field, forced everyone to halt, I shudder from the roar and realise something awful is going to happen. Next moment, large shockwave descended to the ground, I lost my balance and landed on my right arm. I slowly stood up while I hold my small injury from my right arm. I notice the two armies were looking at their right; fearing something they have never seen before. I also looked at the same direction where everyone lost in fear and realise something… Something that I never thought I will able to see it from my eyes.



I found an black, thick book which reads ‘Edward’ on front cover; the colour of the text interest me, it reminded me of chocolate heavily poured on orange and carefully carved in of shape form, except I dislike the flavour. The smell lures me in though, it was a strong, sweet orange scent emits from its cover.

I grew consciously and carefully open the book and skim read the contents. It happened to be someone’s dairy, as I continue to skim read the dairy, I took interest to this certain page:

“Year 765,

I decided to study the secrets of magic and the mystical race that’s been called as ‘Elf’. The research is long and tiring, but of course, I enjoy myself finding new mysterious and unimaginable events.

Year 770,

I have lost track of time, I’m sorry for not telling you what I been doing, my dear diary. I unravelled the secrets of magic. It took me many trials and there’s been no luck of wielding magic. However, I manage to dig out valuable information about elves. Apparently, they do not like us at all, I don’t understand why but what a fascinating creature! They are almost like goddess and gods, dirt does not stain their skin or contact close to their form. They look like us except they have perfect body form and strange faint blue birth pattern on their faces; I’m not really sure what it’s for, perhaps they were born with it?

Year 771,

Finally! The day has come! My persistence has finally paid off! The sweet, beauty elf finally able to tell me about their magic and culture! This is my exciting moment in my life! I’m fortunately to learn the secrets that most Humans have never learnt art of magic, but I’ll keep it a secret even if it’s my dairy; a secret I promised with the elf.

Year 776,

This is awful! Dreadful! I just learn that it is almost impossible for us to use magic after all! I couldn’t use a single magic! No! My dream of easy life is still far apart from reality! I must work hard, from this point forward, I’ll be studying magic and adapting to elf’s culture. My dear dairy, I won’t write any longer until next time, but don’t worry, I’ll write you general formula of what magic is capable of; For me and you only.

Year 777,

How are you, my dear diary? I have finally learnt about magic. Ah… My dream is coming true. I’m finally glad to reach my lifetime goal, my greatest moment of my life! My dear dairy, as I promise you, I shall tell you something that we have never guess before.

The magic is a god form to all of u; all species are capable to use magic, we just don’t know how to use it. Some of us are able to use it subconsciously; while the others will have to work immensely hard, like myself. It took me 6 years to fully understand elf teaching:

Magic is within you. You must feel, create and control.

At first, I thought he was playing around with me and I kept pestering him to give me the truth. It took a long time before he told me that we; humans, are the only species who has the most difficulties to use magic. After I heard this, I was utterly upset; it took me some time to understand why we have trouble using magic. We are dangerous species to all kinds; we could literally abuse magic easily if we weren’t restricted by nature. But more than that, creating magic is extremely difficult to all species; even with elves, they something has trouble of using magic. Except there is an mythical race that Elves inspires, I think they called them as ‘Draon’. They told me that they are peaceful, emotional race and has dragon scales alike on their backbone. Who can use magic with no effort; I would love to see one.

My dear diary, it’s feels very pleasant to write to you again, I have learnt many things about elf’s culture and magic, I have decided not to abuse magic for personal use as I understood why we were restricted of using magic. And this is my lifetime goal; use magic for justice and help for those in needs.

Year 790,

It been a long time my dear diary, I’m sorry of keeping you lost; you are my precious belongings. I will make sure not lose you again. Many thugs keep trying to stealing you! I must keep you with me at all times; I believe they want to know the secret of magic and I will do in my power to protect you from thieves.

As for today, I have very good news that I must tell you!

I have been assigned to be First Court Wizard in Asarik! I couldn’t believe Kirk the King has promoted me to such … Well, I really don’t understand what my job really is but I’m happy that I could serve him dearly.

Personally, I think he….”

While I was reading his diary, I got interrupted when I heard a loud sudden attack coming nearby my cell; I close the diary and hid it under my dull brownish rag clothes. I run closer to rusty iron bars and try to take a peek of what was happening.

I could hear metals clashing each other as if they are harmful each other for the sake of their owner. Long sharp wind scatter across the atmosphere like they are setting up sharp bamboo trap falling on their prey. Footsteps getting heavier; crushing down what’s on their path and cries crumbling to their prey.

I step away from the bars as the footsteps are getting louder and closer, my sense tells me they are coming here.

I carefully lay low where the hays are, hoping they would not find me, and then I thought to myself, why am I hiding? It could be someone breaking into the cells for some reason. But I felt strong aura coming in as if they are willing to loot something from this miserable place.

A young man slowed his movement and looks in the cell, at the opposite of me and then turns the other way with his shock expression.

It’s the same person who I met in his home! I was relieve and shocked, seeing him alive and well. I calmly walk towards him as he was relieved to see me well.

“I’m glad to see you again.”

My heart stirred with disappointment after he has left me alone in his hut and fakes his death, I glanced at him with angry and shouted him with all my lungs.


He felt embarrassed and gently smile with a response:

“Sorry… For getting you captured… Sorry…”

I grew angrier with my eye glared on him, but I notice there was another person standing behind him; a young female with stud armour that has iron pierced on leather. She also wearing fingerless leather gloves with a long, sharp sword with an “Iris” name engraves on her sword surface. She was observing the situation between me and him and looked at me with her clear blue crystal eyes.

“Kai, you really don’t know how to greet a young lady.”

Huh?! I was stunned when I heard someone said my name and looked at her again to clarify what she just said. She was looking at different direction; toward the young man who was called Kai!

“Err.. no.. no, no, no. It just happen all the sudden-“

“Save your story later, we got to receive the book we’d paid for, after we break the cell for the young lady.”

I stared at the young man who apparently called Kai, then to the young female swordsman, she smile to me and gently asked:

“What is your name, young lady?”

It has come to my sense that I have never thought of keeping my real name or change my name entirely. I couldn’t think of a name or use my real name because Kai is taken by the same guy who saved and ditched.

“Is something wrong? Or do you like me to introduce myself and Kai?”

I nodded quickly as I was making my decision.

“My name is Iris Breaker, an excellent swordsman when it comes to swords fight and this person here is Kai, Kai Luon. He, well.. He’s an idiot.”

“Hey, Iris, that’s rude! You know I’m good with swordfight!”

“Yes, yes, we got to get her out.”

I stared at two of them talking casually, and realise I would need a name…

“Young lady, what is your name?”

I looked at them and glance around, thinking of a name as I look at the water on the stone floor, reflecting the moonlight from the prison window.

“Look, we haven’t got much time, please tell us your name and we will break the door.”

As the pressure hits me, I thought of a random name as ‘Mirror’ and decided to tell them my name:

“It’s Nara…”

I misspoke my name, and Kai hastily move back from the iron door. I realise it would be late to say ‘Mirror’ and stick to my name as ‘Nara’ and added another word as my last name:

“Nara Maho…”

Iris smiled at me and said, “Alright, Nara, please step back, Kai is going to break down the door for you.”

I move away from the iron bar and waited at the opposite of the iron door close to the stone wall.

Kai started to ram the iron door with all his strength, with his determine eyes and will; it took him fewl times to get the iron door open. Kai crashed on the stone floor and got up as he started to rub his wound from great impact.

“Ouch, ow, ow, ow.”

Iris happily giggles as she saw Kai rubbing his right shoulder:

“Teeheehee, good work.”

I stared at Kai who got his pain to stop aching and embraced his pain as his step out of the jail, Iris look at me and calmly say:

“Nara, you’re free.”

I hesitated to walk out of the cell at first and I hold my hesitation as I walked out of the cell. I was finally got out of the cell with the help of two kind companions, who I hope knows where I really am…


After they open my eyes, first thing I saw was unpleasant atmosphere; all there is are mouldy stone floor, with several hays piled up against ancient cold stone walls, it left me a good hint that I may be a prisoner.

By the time I was going to ask what’s going to happen to me, I felt a heavy push towards my back making me to lose my balance, I subconsciously cry, “wwaa-..” I realise I will land on my face to this disgusting mouldy floor as my arms were chained to my back; without delay, I embrace my face by squeezing my face muscles hoping to reduce direct hit.

Few seconds has passed and I realise I was still somewhat hanging on midair when I heard an annoying laugh, “BUHAHAHAHA!”

Then from that moment, I realise I been was played around.

“Hey, Jo!”

Out of curious, I listen to their conversation while my eyes turn away from the mouldy floor.

“Look at this! My personal yo-yo!”

“Idiot! Don’t do that! She’s a special prisoner!”

“A special prisoner?”

It left me wondering what is special about me.

I stunned as the pressure began getting heavier, I started to try enduring it with all my strength.

“What? A special one? Givmme a break!”

I shriek out all the pain I have endured as it accelerates to every part of my body before I was fully repelled against it.


I continue to endure the pain as I whine through his heartless torture.

“Cmon, knock it off! We have our order not to harm her any further!”
“Just a little more.”

“You idiot! Don’t you realise the Captain can hear all the screaming from here?!”

“Oh… Heh”

I got kicked to the floor as I embrace the moment once more, I land on my face on the hard surface; it was something I wasn’t prepare to embraced against to. I started to coughed and shake violently to get all the mouldy yeasts out of my face, realise this is one of the worse situations I have ever been to, better yet, why me?

A huge impact land on my wrists once more, but this time I decided to endure all the pain and sorrow deep to my heart. I clenched my teeth as I constantly endure the pain without making a sound and fight back against my tears.

“What a tough girl, I want to hear you cry!”

“Gon! Enough! If you won’t stop, I’ll report this to Captain!”

“Tsk, do you have to spoil the fun?”

“Do you even listen to the orders?”

“Those orders are boring!  … Dammit!”

I felt relieve as the pressure released from my back, I give few huge sigh reviving my physical health.


I slowly turn to my right side and looked towards to those evil soldiers while holding the pain from my wrists and watched them locking me up in this mouldy stone place behind iron bars. I definitely confirm that I am a prisoner, but it left me to say is why am I a prisoner?

As I watch the soldiers walked away from my cell, I began to felt there is no hope for me, everything that has happened to me went so fast, I could vaguely remember how I got here in the first place. I pulled myself against the cold stone wall as I still clenched my teeth against the pain that has left over me.

Few moments later, I slowly decided not to die out without knowing what has happen to me or where am I at. I begin taking few deep breaths; losing my anxiousness and start planning what should I do next.

My first plan was bending my knees as I move my arms forward, so I could remove the limits from my movements; it was a painful experience when I do this because the chain was heavy and linked with an iron ball at limited distance, it took one try to make sure the iron ball did not land on my feet, I was quite lucky that the iron ball was small enough to go over my arms. I looked at my wrist for any injuries and found my wrists are terribly bad; my wrists turn to purplish-red colour with many small blood droplets leaking up almost as if it forming red river.

Realising how bad this place is, I could not stay here any longer and the atmosphere is starting to get worsen as  I started to smell unpleasant odours; it smelt like rotten flesh corpse left in open field for many days along with faeces around it.

I glanced around my surroundings for any hints to escape and notice the hays was piled up suspiciously, without a moment, I hopped to the hay and start searching desperately.

I may be lucky, but what I found was…


It has been a day since I came to unknown world and new form that I have not fully observed, in fact, I don’t even know what I look like at all! Now, I’m wondering if I can still live like this, I hate it so much! No, I despite it! I want to return to my own world and return to my original form and live in peaceful life. Not until, I learnt even more mysteries piling up on my shoulders.

I woke up once again, knowing this is reality; same room, same bed. I look carefully around my surroundings again; a square maple table close to the bed where I am sleeping at, beside it, is an elm wooden bench with few scratches. The wooden floor seems like it has never been clean before; I could see few dirty spills display around the room as well as old, dust ashy fireplace behind the table by several feet away and it appears it been used very often, and an old wooden door beside the fireplace. Along the left side wall is a square hole which seems to be an open window, allowing daylight raying through the room.

I gaze at the dirty floor close to the bed and notice there’s small scandals almost camouflage to the floor. Out of curiosity, I lift up sandals with my hand and realising the sole is made the same type of wood as the floor is and the silky strings seems to stand out the most; making it easy target to  find, thanks to the daylight. Another question came to my mind was… Will these sandals fit me?

I try on the sandals without hesitation and surprisingly, it fits. I get off the bed with excitement and gave a few steps with the sandals, it felt quite comfortable and painful at the same time because of the strings between my toes, but I was more surprise that the strings could wrap around my toe, ankle and my calf.

I startled as I heard the door broke open with loud, thump sound, I turn around to see who it was and it turn out to be a young lady with heavy sliver armour with yellow stripes around the armour’s edges, navy-blue eyes with long, straight, blond hair. The armoured lady glanced at me with her cold navy blue eyes, showing her dark expression to me as if I did something bad without me realising.

I started to shudder as I felt a murder aura trying to choke me for words while forcing me to stare at her,

“Wha-wat-what’s g-go-go-going on?”

The armour lady suddenly glared on me and walks off. It left me puzzled why she broken in the room and left all the sudden.

Until I heard a loud command across the hallway, “CAPTURE THE GIRL AND DESTROY ALL SUPPLIES!”

Many voices rain down as soon as the order has been instructed, “YES, SIR!”

I shock as I heard many voices echoes around the room; heavy thumping sounds also echoes the room and I instinctively looked for escape route as I worried what would happen.

I desperately hurried to reach my exit as I fear people are definitely looking for me; I jump and push myself up on the wooden dresser and hastily look through the window for surroundings; beautiful open green field to my left as the forest is hustling to the right, towards me was a greyish cobblestone path to this house to somewhere far off. Something caught my attention as I fixated at the certain distance was the young man who taken care of me the other day lying on the reddish grass near the old tree, I was stunned for a bit and try to look closer.

Before I do, I was suddenly been grabbed by few people, I completely forgotten I was being chased. With all my strength, I struggle to reach my exit; however, I was no match against them with term of strengths. With my dissatisfied, I kept struggling as hard as I could to reach my goal but I was slowly pulled away from the window.

I cried as I hard as I could to keep pushing, “NNOO-“

I got knee to my face, forcing me to shut up by biting my tongue; an awful pain like my jaw muscle got snapped by a knife as my teeth claws in my tongue. My ears went ringing wildly as I saw those people taken commands from their leader; I notice they are some sort of an army. They started chained my wrist and blindfolded me before I can start to retaliate as I painfully moan while been dragged like a priceless doll going to be thrown away.

I felt warm breeze into my tired body, not knowing what would happen to me and I suddenly got thrown in somewhere, before I realise it started to move away.

I struggled once more to get rid of the chains and blind folder, with all my efforts; it did not help at all. The thing felt like I was in hell having roller-coaster taking heavy injuries along the ride before I even get to reach to the end.

After long period of being blind and immobilised, they unfolded my eyes. What I saw was…

First Encounter

I hazily woke up with my sloppy eyes as if I haven’t slept for a whole day. I glimpse around me and first thought came to my mind was viciously shake my head side to side and sudden slap my cheek while hoping to return back to reality.

Instead, I hurt my cheek with tears slowly clenching on my cornea with a small sensitive cute cry as I rub gently to wear the pain off.


I began to blush deeply after hearing such a sweet voice so close to my ear that it felt like it grew larger as elf ears and my eyes begin to widen itself to petrifying state. I unconsciously touch my cheeks with my hands, building up my excitement as I began to smile warmly; as it felt like taking a nice, long, relaxing hot bath after few week of filthiness.

I snapped out to reality as I silently heard a slight sigh nearby, I turn to my left and abashed to see a beam young man; short, crimson hair, dull brown eyes, light leather armour with a white strap from left shoulder to down to his waist which seem to be holding a heavy sword behind his back. Calmly observing me from fair distance, I hastily grabbed the bed blanket and pulled it with all my might. Not knowingly that heavy pressure lay on opposite of the bed. I felt embarrassed and scared as I couldn’t use the blanket; I took the new direction, slowly aim the wooden pillow from its original place toward the man’s face with all my strength, then I hurry off the bed and –


A loud thundering voice screeching across the room as he covered his face from the pain while I was stunned; it was almost like a dragon took the large bastilia arrow to its back and cry in front of me. I was petrified to lose my reason why I attacked him and helplessly watched what would happen next.

The man glared at me with a murderous intent; I shudder like I was unaware walking into no-man land. My tears silently pour down as I still watch him what will happen next. The man took a big breath and slowly approaches me with a calm expression on his face, gently squat down to my height level and softly reaches his fingers to my cheek and smiled.

“Did I scare you? … I’m very sorry.”

After hearing his gentle voice, I immediately release my pain with my cry; his face slowly changes to peaceful and he embraces me sharing my pain. I calmly quiet down to peaceful sleep hoping it will last for a while…


Everyday life is peaceful and I love it; daily hobbies and good gaming. There’s nothing more I can say and turn in for a night… That is I always wish to reset my life, I always hated my name and sometimes got picked on because of my name, regardless, I started to get nickname instead because my full name were hard to pronounce for most people I knew.

“Kai..” I said to myself in depress way.

I swell in with hatred and clenched my hatred to my fist as my face hardens itself for impact, I thrown myself a punch to my face.

I calmly let go my anger and slowly slipped into my bed and slowly thinking about myself.

I am twenty years old, who loves gaming, fantasy worlds and silent moments. I really don’t mind going to school at all; it felt like I can just waste time in school literally doing nothing. I never say my true name in delightful way, I despite having that kind of name the day I was born and because of this; my friends, classmate and everyone I know only say one part of my name, “Kai”. A nickname taken off from my true name and much easier to pronounce since its only one syllable and so, I closed my eyes for a long, nice sleep.

I had a strange dream; a dream in some way makes me feel pleasant yet unpleasant at the same time, a dream that doesn’t make sense but feel responsible and justice. I usually have a dream that predict small amount of time in the future but not this kind of dream that pop up small sceneries of someone else…

I woke up hazily from my long pleasant dream as I begin to relax my long thin arms and legs… Except I felt something was off, something… that I have never felt or interact with. I startled myself and glimpse my surroundings and my body, I suddenly felt a huge impact to  my heart, frozen stiff as I realise that I am shorter with silkly, smooth  skin while dumbfound  where  I am. I check my torso and gently pat towards my chest and slowly work my way down bit by bit as I feel a shock, shaking heavily as soon as I realise I touch my genitalia. The shock has taken over me cursing me to suffociate; as my head kept pounding like stones crashing into my skull, the numbiness rapidly consume my hands and feet like four dark, yellow spiders paralyze me to keep me on bay.

I grasp for help as my throat felt very dry refusing to shout as my tears began to overflow knowingly, this place is vastly open green field where there’s no sign of living beings. I felt a gentle breeze pleasantly push my backside, I instinctively struggle to gaze behind me and saw sea of trees gentle swinging in union like a happy family singing together and there’s a small bulky figure calmly walking toward my path. I smile to relieve to see a person would come and notice me, hopefully to aid my side, I immediately lost my strength with clear tears of hope…