Few pictures from Scene in mental ray

I thought that one single picture of mental ray from previous posts wasn’t enough, so I added in few more pictures. (Each pictures takes at least 5 – 7 minutes on small resolution)

Here is the first picture of tower case behind the chair; except it’s been shaded in shadow: (as well as keyboard)

Next is a picture of what my wall looks like:

Last picture is  a monitor screen with its monitor stand.


Creating in Maya, encounter error.

Things are going well with modelling objects in scenery, however I encounter errors which I can not fixed.

From what I read on help forum (autodesk), it is to do with version error. Which I can not do anything about it, it seems the education version in college may be the cause of creating the error to my work.

Which I only have one option left, redo the ENTIRE work from scratch…

So I thought, restarted maya once more, but click on “Ignore version” and fixed the problem.

This thread save me big time solving the problem:

Render View Problem

I thank tristanb3d for the solution.

As for now, here is my work so far:


The layout looks exact position from the scene view I have drawn, what it really needs are texturing & lightning.

But I think what it really needs is tone lightning and I need to worry about what to do with glass attaching to the metal floor.

Next is in mental ray, I added glow intensity to see how it goes, so far, its going great.

I also added in a carpet, it going to be turned as a small fluffy carpet; the base colour is already shown on these two pictures.

Monitor ideas

This post is contain ideas of what my futuristic monitor would be like.

The first image is a plain idea of what standard monitor is like at present:

Below is the different ideas of what my monitor is like:

First idea – The monitor looks more like a Wide TV screen, although, I didn’t like it much.

Second idea – A curve shape monitor, it’s been hold by strong thing steel pole, which is capable to hold the weight of the monitor and able to bring out 3D.

Third idea – This time its a projected monitor; be able to walk through the monitor and only requires few devices to plug in to to connect to the tower case.

Fourth idea – A large main base of monitor on the floor and two devices attached on ceiling, its capable of multi-user interface; shows different monitors at same time. And allow the user to interact with either a finger or an mouse.

Fifth idea – Requires fourteen projected lights to use as monitor; allows user to control the width of the screen with ease and shown programs appears within the radius of the projected lights.

Sixth idea – Two poles allows to project a monitor, it can be placed at any range less than 4 meters apart, the monitor can be drag and resize when fingers r pointed towards the monitor. If the two poles are closed to each other, the monitor will appear in front of two poles; front of the user.

I personally like the last idea (sixth idea), because its makes it easier for me to make and understand how it will work, unlike the fifth idea; I had trouble of place where the project lights would be.


This post is all about gathering images of Cables; that are use for networks and computers.

First image is colourful cables, they are used for networks; ethernet cables.

This image is a closer view at the end cable of ethernet:

A diagram of what colour and wires been used in one of the ethernet cable:

Next two images are power cable that are used for computer.

A closer view on each side of end cables.

Next image is monitor cable; at the end of the cable, showing pins.

Next is DVI and HDMI cable.

A closer view to HDMI cable end:

A closer view on DVI cable end:

A image of bird view of some cables:

Lastly, a image of Audio and Video cables:


Ethernet Cable (colours)

Ethernet Cable End

Ethernet Cable Colour Code

Power Cable

Power Cable (Closer View)

Monitor Cable

DVI & HDMI Cable End

HDMI Cable End (Closer View)

DVI Cable End (Closer View)

Overview of Computer Cables

Audio & Video Cables


Searching for different kind of futuristic monitors.

The first image is wide, curve screen. It bring my attention that maybe it would give 3D / 4D in the near future.

Another image of futuristic type; its super-slim size and it seem to be fragile.

The next image is unique; its see-through and laser projected.