Few pictures from Scene in mental ray

I thought that one single picture of mental ray from previous posts wasn’t enough, so I added in few more pictures. (Each pictures takes at least 5 – 7 minutes on small resolution)

Here is the first picture of tower case behind the chair; except it’s been shaded in shadow: (as well as keyboard)

Next is a picture of what my wall looks like:

Last picture is  a monitor screen with its monitor stand.


My dearest Keyboard and some knowledge

My previous keyboard was force to rest in peace after the accident of coke spill; draining away its sensitivity.

I was force to buy another keyboard and thought to myself… I need is ANIME keyboard! My most favourite character of them all – Hatsune Miku! Of course, she’s actually a vocaloid and only appear in several animes as reference since she’s very famous in Japan-

Leave the details later and here is my awesomeness keyboard:

The keyboard layout is different from my previous one, but get used to it very soon. (Well, I’m used to it now. Have it for few weeks now.)

Surprisingly, its much smaller than the keyboard I had, but still comfy. Now that I look at it, isn’t the layout similar to USA keyboard? (Not sure about Chinese layout, but it does look similar)

Oh… The chinese layout keyboard is totally different story, check it out, crazy Kanji all tied up together:

Seems like that’s all the basic Kanji used in complex Kanji. (You can ignore that sentence, its confusing, just like we are looking at that layout.)

At least this one is not too confusing like the other one (Yes, its Japanese.)

A overlay Keyboard, it seems that it uses two different characters at least on letter key, or maybe its actually thee-four characters. (Upper & lowercase for english & two different Kanji), either way its still confusing unless you own this kind of keyboard.

You know those key on your keyboard and you been wondering “How do I use that character?” On bottom-right key layout.
You will never guess you actually need to hold the right Alt / Alt Gr and press the key to type it out, who will ever actually figure it out right away? O__o

A picture of our keyboard (UK) showing all characters:

I… never knew about euro symbol is laid on ‘4’, because I don’t own UK keyboard, only USA & customize keyboard.

Mouse & Keyboard Ideas

Below is the image of keyboard ideas, the mouse is most likely not be used for my scenery as the monitor I have picked is able to interact.


First idea – A Curve Keyboard, similar to standard Keyboard layout; it is not futuristic after I have drawn it out.

Second idea – the Keyboard is attached to the chair and has a thin size with no keys involve; it is very similar design from ‘No-Key Keyboard’.

Third idea – As far as it goes, its is futuristic keyboard. it has a sensor control at the corner, which release a ‘special object’ to allow the user to touch on the keyboard, enable to change the layout of the keyboard (such as changing the keys into colour palette program; reference from Optimus Tactus ) and also the user get the feel of actually touching the keyboard surface rather than touching the air.

Third idea is also my ideal keyboard for my scene object.

Keyboard & server

This post is about my research I found while browsing on internet that I find quite interesting and find things have some common.

Keyboard – I realise that new technology are trying to make keyboards slimmer than previous generation, which is happening in present. In the near future, keyboard may or may not be made into a rectangle box with no keys, which will feel totally different when typing onto the new “keyboard”.

Next is ergomotion keyboard, its a new design that will reduce your wrist stress / injury; Making it safer to type.

Lastly, flexible keyboard, its already mass production but I don’t really think a lot of people know about it. Flexible keyboard is self explained, it seem to be dust and water resistant.

Next is about Server / Tower case.

Most server/tower are made into rectangle thin box with different designs placed at front while keeping the bottom similarity the same with the rest.

Mouse & Keyboard

Another images of objects for reference for my project; mouse and keyboard.


The first mouse is “Arc Mouse” from Microsoft which will be made in the future, its an wireless mouse and can be folded; I think it was made to be folded for specific reason – making sure the lower part of the mouse is not easily detached from the upper mouse.

The next image is by far the most complex mouse I have ever seen, “Axsotic 3D Spheric mouse”. Except  it programmed to be a mouse but more of an device.

This image looks a lot of a mice from its appearance, which been named as “Mouse for Men”. Its concept seems to come with touchscreen and pressure sensitivity of how it would work. Although, I am not very sure how it can be use at all.

Lastly, this image is Logitech MX Air Mouse. As the title says, Air Mouse is where you can move your mouse cursor while holding it at mid air. This mouse can be used as normal mouse or move around the mouse in the air.


First image for keyboard is “No-Key Keyboard”. It’s an glass printed with keyboard layout that is attached with a motion capture camera hidden inside the large metal clip, so when typing onto this keyboard; you are actually tapping on the glass as the camera records the tap location and show the letter in the monitor.

Next image is Optimus Tactus; its a unique keyboard that allows to change shapes from the keys as there is no restrictions on its shape and size, it could play video, show pictures and others. It seems this keyboard is capable to do almost everything that we daily uses.

Next two images are not futuristic but generates a good idea of how keyboard are like:

Ergomotion Keyboard:

It is able to expand to certain length assuring to reduce wrist stress, it aim to make an healthier computing.

Flexible Keyboard:

As the title says its flexible and moreover it is rustproof and water resistance. Except I wouldn’t find this kind of keyboard useful, its too bright.


– Mouse:

Arc Mouse

— Axsotic Spheric Mouse: 1 | 2

Mouse for Men

Logitech MX Air Mouse


No-Key Keyboard

Optimus Tactus


Flexible Keyboard