Chair Ideas

Finally, the last object to make for my scenery.

The chair I design is for relaxing than sitting position.

First idea – The chair is design for relaxing rather than sitting.

Second idea – Similar idea as the first one, except there is no gaps behind the chair surface.

Third idea – Its a better version of First idea. There is a small gap from each side of the chair and beneath the chair is a solid stand attached to other two chair stands.

The last idea is going to be my scene object.


Tower Case idea

Below is a picture of my tower case ideas, server case wouldn’t be a good idea as I didn’t plan of making my pc host as a server.

Tower case:

First idea – There wasn’t a lot of futuristic design on this idea as I was wondering if I should keep it as rectangle case or square case.

I decided on making it as square case; which should be two times smaller than regular, modern tower case.

Second idea – A square case, have ports for external devices to plug in like all tower cases has while the power button is almost t the centre of the front.

Third idea – Very similar to second idea; except two fans are added to the case for cooling purposes. But the case looks like a animal face.

Fourth idea – A different idea from second and third idea with similar concept. This time, four Hard Drives are attached on top of the square case, on the front of the case, the power button is at the side that looks like original keyhole with ports at the side of it. On its left side, there are two cooling fans with expanded metal grid above it, allowing more air to inhale and exhale.

The fourth idea is my ideal tower case for my scene object.

Mouse & Keyboard Ideas

Below is the image of keyboard ideas, the mouse is most likely not be used for my scenery as the monitor I have picked is able to interact.


First idea – A Curve Keyboard, similar to standard Keyboard layout; it is not futuristic after I have drawn it out.

Second idea – the Keyboard is attached to the chair and has a thin size with no keys involve; it is very similar design from ‘No-Key Keyboard’.

Third idea – As far as it goes, its is futuristic keyboard. it has a sensor control at the corner, which release a ‘special object’ to allow the user to touch on the keyboard, enable to change the layout of the keyboard (such as changing the keys into colour palette program; reference from Optimus Tactus ) and also the user get the feel of actually touching the keyboard surface rather than touching the air.

Third idea is also my ideal keyboard for my scene object.

Monitor ideas

This post is contain ideas of what my futuristic monitor would be like.

The first image is a plain idea of what standard monitor is like at present:

Below is the different ideas of what my monitor is like:

First idea – The monitor looks more like a Wide TV screen, although, I didn’t like it much.

Second idea – A curve shape monitor, it’s been hold by strong thing steel pole, which is capable to hold the weight of the monitor and able to bring out 3D.

Third idea – This time its a projected monitor; be able to walk through the monitor and only requires few devices to plug in to to connect to the tower case.

Fourth idea – A large main base of monitor on the floor and two devices attached on ceiling, its capable of multi-user interface; shows different monitors at same time. And allow the user to interact with either a finger or an mouse.

Fifth idea – Requires fourteen projected lights to use as monitor; allows user to control the width of the screen with ease and shown programs appears within the radius of the projected lights.

Sixth idea – Two poles allows to project a monitor, it can be placed at any range less than 4 meters apart, the monitor can be drag and resize when fingers r pointed towards the monitor. If the two poles are closed to each other, the monitor will appear in front of two poles; front of the user.

I personally like the last idea (sixth idea), because its makes it easier for me to make and understand how it will work, unlike the fifth idea; I had trouble of place where the project lights would be.