Adding new things to my scene

I realise I do not have time to learn or use 3D Max to create new specific object I need to add to my scene, instead I’ll create them in maya in simple format; due to time.

I’m adding some galaxy paint effects towards my scene, however, it is in maya software; which won’t be shown on mental ray till I have convert pain effect to polygon.

Here a single picture of my current galaxy; the scene is still progressing: (taking in maya software, hide the Glass window to show the current galaxy)

As you can see, the objects on my scene is almost complete,. I need to complete decorating my square case below my chair and add more detail to my chair, if I find a way look bit more realistic.


I had a talk with my tutor from last week, discussing I should create thirty images or more from my scene and make it as slideshow, showing around my scenery (like a short story) and add some music as it plays along. Instead of slideshow showing less than fifteen images of my scene or create a animation showing around my scenery.

Last week, I thought of doing the slideshow for my scene, but I think it would be more time consuming than making short animation in maya as it is less time consume than doing slideshow.

Hopefully, I get my scene done as soon as possible.


Creating in Maya, encounter error.

Things are going well with modelling objects in scenery, however I encounter errors which I can not fixed.

From what I read on help forum (autodesk), it is to do with version error. Which I can not do anything about it, it seems the education version in college may be the cause of creating the error to my work.

Which I only have one option left, redo the ENTIRE work from scratch…

So I thought, restarted maya once more, but click on “Ignore version” and fixed the problem.

This thread save me big time solving the problem:

Render View Problem

I thank tristanb3d for the solution.

As for now, here is my work so far:


The layout looks exact position from the scene view I have drawn, what it really needs are texturing & lightning.

But I think what it really needs is tone lightning and I need to worry about what to do with glass attaching to the metal floor.

Next is in mental ray, I added glow intensity to see how it goes, so far, its going great.

I also added in a carpet, it going to be turned as a small fluffy carpet; the base colour is already shown on these two pictures.

Server Case / Tower Case

Source images from website as reference for my project:

Server Case & Tower Case:

This image is futuristic metallic server case.

Next image is futuristic design of Tower case; it stands out to me the most.

Next one is a giant look alike cooling fan case.

Third image has a interesting design that does look like futuristic.

Another image that has futuristic design on the case.

Different futuristic design for Tower case.

The last image seems to be far better than the others I have found above, its called Darwin Machine Hammerhead HMR989.


Futuristic Metallic Server Case

Futuristic Tower Case

Futuristic Cool Tower Case

Monilith Black Tower Case

Advance NeoXblade Tower Case

Aerocool PGS Tower Case

Darwin Machine Hammerhead

Monitor ideas

This post is contain ideas of what my futuristic monitor would be like.

The first image is a plain idea of what standard monitor is like at present:

Below is the different ideas of what my monitor is like:

First idea – The monitor looks more like a Wide TV screen, although, I didn’t like it much.

Second idea – A curve shape monitor, it’s been hold by strong thing steel pole, which is capable to hold the weight of the monitor and able to bring out 3D.

Third idea – This time its a projected monitor; be able to walk through the monitor and only requires few devices to plug in to to connect to the tower case.

Fourth idea – A large main base of monitor on the floor and two devices attached on ceiling, its capable of multi-user interface; shows different monitors at same time. And allow the user to interact with either a finger or an mouse.

Fifth idea – Requires fourteen projected lights to use as monitor; allows user to control the width of the screen with ease and shown programs appears within the radius of the projected lights.

Sixth idea – Two poles allows to project a monitor, it can be placed at any range less than 4 meters apart, the monitor can be drag and resize when fingers r pointed towards the monitor. If the two poles are closed to each other, the monitor will appear in front of two poles; front of the user.

I personally like the last idea (sixth idea), because its makes it easier for me to make and understand how it will work, unlike the fifth idea; I had trouble of place where the project lights would be.


Finding sources as reference for futuristic chair for my scene.

First is ergonomic chair; it been said it can be used in different kind of working environment.

Next is a friendly laid back chair for office users.

The next image looks more futuristic  than other two above.

Fourth image is a plain futuristic chair:

About this picture, I like how it is laid out:

Last two images is artistic style chair.


Ergonomic Chair and Curve Chair

Game Chair

Clear Chair

Lounge Chair

Artistic Chairs

Mouse & Keyboard

Another images of objects for reference for my project; mouse and keyboard.


The first mouse is “Arc Mouse” from Microsoft which will be made in the future, its an wireless mouse and can be folded; I think it was made to be folded for specific reason – making sure the lower part of the mouse is not easily detached from the upper mouse.

The next image is by far the most complex mouse I have ever seen, “Axsotic 3D Spheric mouse”. Except  it programmed to be a mouse but more of an device.

This image looks a lot of a mice from its appearance, which been named as “Mouse for Men”. Its concept seems to come with touchscreen and pressure sensitivity of how it would work. Although, I am not very sure how it can be use at all.

Lastly, this image is Logitech MX Air Mouse. As the title says, Air Mouse is where you can move your mouse cursor while holding it at mid air. This mouse can be used as normal mouse or move around the mouse in the air.


First image for keyboard is “No-Key Keyboard”. It’s an glass printed with keyboard layout that is attached with a motion capture camera hidden inside the large metal clip, so when typing onto this keyboard; you are actually tapping on the glass as the camera records the tap location and show the letter in the monitor.

Next image is Optimus Tactus; its a unique keyboard that allows to change shapes from the keys as there is no restrictions on its shape and size, it could play video, show pictures and others. It seems this keyboard is capable to do almost everything that we daily uses.

Next two images are not futuristic but generates a good idea of how keyboard are like:

Ergomotion Keyboard:

It is able to expand to certain length assuring to reduce wrist stress, it aim to make an healthier computing.

Flexible Keyboard:

As the title says its flexible and moreover it is rustproof and water resistance. Except I wouldn’t find this kind of keyboard useful, its too bright.


– Mouse:

Arc Mouse

— Axsotic Spheric Mouse: 1 | 2

Mouse for Men

Logitech MX Air Mouse


No-Key Keyboard

Optimus Tactus


Flexible Keyboard


Searching for different kind of futuristic monitors.

The first image is wide, curve screen. It bring my attention that maybe it would give 3D / 4D in the near future.

Another image of futuristic type; its super-slim size and it seem to be fragile.

The next image is unique; its see-through and laser projected.