Few pictures from Scene in mental ray

I thought that one single picture of mental ray from previous posts wasn’t enough, so I added in few more pictures. (Each pictures takes at least 5 – 7 minutes on small resolution)

Here is the first picture of tower case behind the chair; except it’s been shaded in shadow: (as well as keyboard)

Next is a picture of what my wall looks like:

Last picture is  a monitor screen with its monitor stand.


Galaxy, error, encounter problems, final take.

Well, it is a nonsense title but with good reason:

Galaxy –
I have finally finished making galaxies alike, however, I didn’t took the screenshot during the time, but manage to take one after final attempt of encountering the problem.
This galaxy is somehow manage to make itself much brighter than it usually should for some reason, I do not know why, but it is related to few errors I have encounter during making. (This is in Maya Software)

As you can see, you can not see below due to the error and the problem I have encounter which I was forced to turn off galaxy away from my scene.

Error –
For strange reason, after I have created my galaxy alike, I had to convert it to either NURB or polygon to show it on mental ray as it does not show as paint effect source. After I have convert it, I encounter a error which asked me to save and exit the maya due to out of memory, I never guess it needs over 4GB RAM to render this.  (It may also explain why the galaxy is much brighter.)

Encounter problems-
Entering to Maya once more,  I found a problem that I can not fix; unable to see the galaxy in mental ray as well as adding lights to the scene, causes the maya software to fail rendering most parts.

Final take –
Because of errors keeps coming it; if I going to add more things. I’m forced to stop adding new things in and adjust the light to bright up the atmosphere… or more of darken the room.

Single Preview take: (Used area light for lightning)
 This is my current scene looks like at the moment, the problem is the tower case behind the chair; unable to see it clearly, also I have changed the floor texture; the previous floor texture looks out of place after I added the wall texture, so I changed it to match its appearance:

I used ‘G1’ shown on the picture for wall texturing.

And used this as floor texture.

It took me a good hour to edit floor and wall to make a decent texture.

Wall and Floor from The Sims’s mod:
Mod the Sims- Wall & Floor

Creating in Maya, encounter error.

Things are going well with modelling objects in scenery, however I encounter errors which I can not fixed.

From what I read on help forum (autodesk), it is to do with version error. Which I can not do anything about it, it seems the education version in college may be the cause of creating the error to my work.

Which I only have one option left, redo the ENTIRE work from scratch…

So I thought, restarted maya once more, but click on “Ignore version” and fixed the problem.

This thread save me big time solving the problem:

Render View Problem

I thank tristanb3d for the solution.

As for now, here is my work so far:


The layout looks exact position from the scene view I have drawn, what it really needs are texturing & lightning.

But I think what it really needs is tone lightning and I need to worry about what to do with glass attaching to the metal floor.

Next is in mental ray, I added glow intensity to see how it goes, so far, its going great.

I also added in a carpet, it going to be turned as a small fluffy carpet; the base colour is already shown on these two pictures.

Metal Floor

Looking for different kinds of metal floor textures for the scenery.

First is a common texture of metal floor:

Another image of metal floor, which is also common.

I don’t think this floor won’t be suitable for ground floor:

Next two images are textured in rusted form.


Metal Floor:

1 | 2 | 3

Rusted Metal Floor:

1 | 2