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In this unit, I am creating 3D virtual environment space using with Maya.

Before I start making my environment space, I have drawn a huge map of how world map would be like in my own perceptive view:

I decided to search for random industrial building images that are close to my ideas.

This picture is refer to main industrial building I have built, they have similar outlines to each other.

The picture below, shows of how I’m planning to construct the building together.

the top left corner of the picture shows the bird view section of Industrial Building.

Next, drawing out how it may appear from back and side view.

On first part of the image, I have added a slope between two buildings.

On second part of the image, I have removed a building at the left side because I feel the building would cramp the spaces between each buildings.

Afterwards, I planned and draw how things would be like in side view and ended with two different ideas; one without a hill and one with a huge curve hill.

Then I draw another point of view for two ideas, the first idea didn’t seem to look like a good idea, so I picked the second idea for my modelling.

On this picture is a bird view of the industrial building, at the middle of the picture,  I have draw an line showing where the hill-slope would be at.

After doing all the drawing and planning how it should be like, I started doing 3D modelling my industrial buildings with 3D Maya.

Although, I didn’t record all the steps of what I did or how I did it. I manage to screenshot the final pieces of how it would been like:





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