Da 3 hours of drawing

Today at mindnight, I decided to draw for few hours, using pictures as reference. Except I won’t exactly copy every detail, but similar poses.
Also, I decided to use common blue / black pen for my drawing, pushing myself from bad habit of rubbing lines out (pencils). And that helps me reserve time from sharpening pencils which I don’t really like.

Everything below is done by Black / blue pen and other ink pens, also note that I will never do guidelines to help me draw better because it RUINS my finish work.

Here’s the first picture:

The arm looks weird as the pen I have been used wasn’t functional properly.

This picture is referenced by:

The second picture:

It looks kind of weird…

Reference from:

The third picture:

This picture is definitely one of the hardest I could drawn because of the clothing; never sketched those sort of thing, but it turn out to be ok.

Then, I tried redraw it again:

Pretty much, I kind of give up for now and do it later on after I gain some experience of drawing that type of clothing.

Two pictures referenced from:

For the fifth & sixth picture, I decided to do a quick sketch inspired by the picture below:

I actually laughed after I drew a ‘it’ wearing a wig.

For the seventh picture, I wowed myself. I subconsciously start at different angle and it turned out great, I think I’ll start drawing the hair first before moving to the face (Like I always did, I usually start off on the eyes.)

Referenced from this:

Every picture above took me at least ten to twenty-five minutes to complete (except the one I gave up on.)

The last picture took me surprise, I threw everything I got and surprisingly; it only took me less than a hour (almost fifty-five minutes) to complete:

Reference from this:

Truth been told, it really doesn’t look like it took a hour to complete but I do realise I did improved a lot from last two years, one of my best work from two years ago, which took me about five hours to complete while experiencing different tone of pencils that I have brought to try out:

From this reference picture (which I still kept):

They are identical to each other (very identical), which I think I’ll draw it again for fun.

I’m most likely to draw the same pictures in the near future, to see how I improve.


Slideshow ‘animation’

From last few posts before, I did mention doing short animation for my scene, however, it turn out to be time consuming as much as getting 30 screenshots from a scene.

My pc is not qualify to make such a crazy render, although, it is possible but its very time consuming, even for one decent picture at large scale. (If its for HD 1080 or better)

Instead, I think its better to joint the idea into slideshow with gaps of pictures showing its travels.

Like this example:

On this storyboard is my animation I thought of, instead of rendering every frame for either slideshow or animation, let’s take few parts for each step from each step then line it up, showing its journey.

As for now, here is my storyboard that I have thought of: (although, I can not render a animation or large picture as my pc can not handle it.)

Scene View

Before going onto Maya to create my scene, I drawn few different scene views to visually understand of where I will place my scene objects into the scene.

First image is the bird view of final scene layout, which is different from other two scene layouts.

And now, three different scene views for the scene layout:

Next is coloured version of the angle shot of the scene, each colours are ideal of what it would be like in the scene.

Chair Ideas

Finally, the last object to make for my scenery.

The chair I design is for relaxing than sitting position.

First idea – The chair is design for relaxing rather than sitting.

Second idea – Similar idea as the first one, except there is no gaps behind the chair surface.

Third idea – Its a better version of First idea. There is a small gap from each side of the chair and beneath the chair is a solid stand attached to other two chair stands.

The last idea is going to be my scene object.

Tower Case idea

Below is a picture of my tower case ideas, server case wouldn’t be a good idea as I didn’t plan of making my pc host as a server.

Tower case:

First idea – There wasn’t a lot of futuristic design on this idea as I was wondering if I should keep it as rectangle case or square case.

I decided on making it as square case; which should be two times smaller than regular, modern tower case.

Second idea – A square case, have ports for external devices to plug in like all tower cases has while the power button is almost t the centre of the front.

Third idea – Very similar to second idea; except two fans are added to the case for cooling purposes. But the case looks like a animal face.

Fourth idea – A different idea from second and third idea with similar concept. This time, four Hard Drives are attached on top of the square case, on the front of the case, the power button is at the side that looks like original keyhole with ports at the side of it. On its left side, there are two cooling fans with expanded metal grid above it, allowing more air to inhale and exhale.

The fourth idea is my ideal tower case for my scene object.

Mouse & Keyboard Ideas

Below is the image of keyboard ideas, the mouse is most likely not be used for my scenery as the monitor I have picked is able to interact.


First idea – A Curve Keyboard, similar to standard Keyboard layout; it is not futuristic after I have drawn it out.

Second idea – the Keyboard is attached to the chair and has a thin size with no keys involve; it is very similar design from ‘No-Key Keyboard’.

Third idea – As far as it goes, its is futuristic keyboard. it has a sensor control at the corner, which release a ‘special object’ to allow the user to touch on the keyboard, enable to change the layout of the keyboard (such as changing the keys into colour palette program; reference from Optimus Tactus ) and also the user get the feel of actually touching the keyboard surface rather than touching the air.

Third idea is also my ideal keyboard for my scene object.

Keyboard & server

This post is about my research I found while browsing on internet that I find quite interesting and find things have some common.

Keyboard – I realise that new technology are trying to make keyboards slimmer than previous generation, which is happening in present. In the near future, keyboard may or may not be made into a rectangle box with no keys, which will feel totally different when typing onto the new “keyboard”.

Next is ergomotion keyboard, its a new design that will reduce your wrist stress / injury; Making it safer to type.

Lastly, flexible keyboard, its already mass production but I don’t really think a lot of people know about it. Flexible keyboard is self explained, it seem to be dust and water resistant.

Next is about Server / Tower case.

Most server/tower are made into rectangle thin box with different designs placed at front while keeping the bottom similarity the same with the rest.