Da 3 hours of drawing

Today at mindnight, I decided to draw for few hours, using pictures as reference. Except I won’t exactly copy every detail, but similar poses.
Also, I decided to use common blue / black pen for my drawing, pushing myself from bad habit of rubbing lines out (pencils). And that helps me reserve time from sharpening pencils which I don’t really like.

Everything below is done by Black / blue pen and other ink pens, also note that I will never do guidelines to help me draw better because it RUINS my finish work.

Here’s the first picture:

The arm looks weird as the pen I have been used wasn’t functional properly.

This picture is referenced by:

The second picture:

It looks kind of weird…

Reference from:

The third picture:

This picture is definitely one of the hardest I could drawn because of the clothing; never sketched those sort of thing, but it turn out to be ok.

Then, I tried redraw it again:

Pretty much, I kind of give up for now and do it later on after I gain some experience of drawing that type of clothing.

Two pictures referenced from:

For the fifth & sixth picture, I decided to do a quick sketch inspired by the picture below:

I actually laughed after I drew a ‘it’ wearing a wig.

For the seventh picture, I wowed myself. I subconsciously start at different angle and it turned out great, I think I’ll start drawing the hair first before moving to the face (Like I always did, I usually start off on the eyes.)

Referenced from this:

Every picture above took me at least ten to twenty-five minutes to complete (except the one I gave up on.)

The last picture took me surprise, I threw everything I got and surprisingly; it only took me less than a hour (almost fifty-five minutes) to complete:

Reference from this:

Truth been told, it really doesn’t look like it took a hour to complete but I do realise I did improved a lot from last two years, one of my best work from two years ago, which took me about five hours to complete while experiencing different tone of pencils that I have brought to try out:

From this reference picture (which I still kept):

They are identical to each other (very identical), which I think I’ll draw it again for fun.

I’m most likely to draw the same pictures in the near future, to see how I improve.


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