Carpet Change

Feedback from my sisters, they like what they saw, the atmosphere going well with the scene, except one thing that looks out of place; Carpet.

They didn’t like the texture of the carpet and add opinions of what the carpet would be, be either reflective glass carpet or cremé fluffy carpet, or even add similar colour to the carpet.

I could see why she suggest that, it does look.. disturbing.

One of sisters suggested another idea related to her first choice; add a moon on the reflective carpet. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not, but adding a moon on reflective surface does show promising.

So I decided to do something with the carpet, create a moon on the carpet with stars shining; one of my other sister idea because she find it more amazing and it somewhat links to the atmosphere I am trying to make.
I think I should try making it reflective if it looks well to the scene, if not; non-reflective it is.

After changing the carpet, it looks.. epic.

Except the basic cylinder is ruining the mood, beside that, it looks awesome; taken in mental ray.

Here’s the link from this awesome moon picture:

Moon and Stars


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