Adding new things to my scene

I realise I do not have time to learn or use 3D Max to create new specific object I need to add to my scene, instead I’ll create them in maya in simple format; due to time.

I’m adding some galaxy paint effects towards my scene, however, it is in maya software; which won’t be shown on mental ray till I have convert pain effect to polygon.

Here a single picture of my current galaxy; the scene is still progressing: (taking in maya software, hide the Glass window to show the current galaxy)

As you can see, the objects on my scene is almost complete,. I need to complete decorating my square case below my chair and add more detail to my chair, if I find a way look bit more realistic.


I had a talk with my tutor from last week, discussing I should create thirty images or more from my scene and make it as slideshow, showing around my scenery (like a short story) and add some music as it plays along. Instead of slideshow showing less than fifteen images of my scene or create a animation showing around my scenery.

Last week, I thought of doing the slideshow for my scene, but I think it would be more time consuming than making short animation in maya as it is less time consume than doing slideshow.

Hopefully, I get my scene done as soon as possible.


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