My dearest Keyboard and some knowledge

My previous keyboard was force to rest in peace after the accident of coke spill; draining away its sensitivity.

I was force to buy another keyboard and thought to myself… I need is ANIME keyboard! My most favourite character of them all – Hatsune Miku! Of course, she’s actually a vocaloid and only appear in several animes as reference since she’s very famous in Japan-

Leave the details later and here is my awesomeness keyboard:

The keyboard layout is different from my previous one, but get used to it very soon. (Well, I’m used to it now. Have it for few weeks now.)

Surprisingly, its much smaller than the keyboard I had, but still comfy. Now that I look at it, isn’t the layout similar to USA keyboard? (Not sure about Chinese layout, but it does look similar)

Oh… The chinese layout keyboard is totally different story, check it out, crazy Kanji all tied up together:

Seems like that’s all the basic Kanji used in complex Kanji. (You can ignore that sentence, its confusing, just like we are looking at that layout.)

At least this one is not too confusing like the other one (Yes, its Japanese.)

A overlay Keyboard, it seems that it uses two different characters at least on letter key, or maybe its actually thee-four characters. (Upper & lowercase for english & two different Kanji), either way its still confusing unless you own this kind of keyboard.

You know those key on your keyboard and you been wondering “How do I use that character?” On bottom-right key layout.
You will never guess you actually need to hold the right Alt / Alt Gr and press the key to type it out, who will ever actually figure it out right away? O__o

A picture of our keyboard (UK) showing all characters:

I… never knew about euro symbol is laid on ‘4’, because I don’t own UK keyboard, only USA & customize keyboard.


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