After they open my eyes, first thing I saw was unpleasant atmosphere; all there is are mouldy stone floor, with several hays piled up against ancient cold stone walls, it left me a good hint that I may be a prisoner.

By the time I was going to ask what’s going to happen to me, I felt a heavy push towards my back making me to lose my balance, I subconsciously cry, “wwaa-..” I realise I will land on my face to this disgusting mouldy floor as my arms were chained to my back; without delay, I embrace my face by squeezing my face muscles hoping to reduce direct hit.

Few seconds has passed and I realise I was still somewhat hanging on midair when I heard an annoying laugh, “BUHAHAHAHA!”

Then from that moment, I realise I been was played around.

“Hey, Jo!”

Out of curious, I listen to their conversation while my eyes turn away from the mouldy floor.

“Look at this! My personal yo-yo!”

“Idiot! Don’t do that! She’s a special prisoner!”

“A special prisoner?”

It left me wondering what is special about me.

I stunned as the pressure began getting heavier, I started to try enduring it with all my strength.

“What? A special one? Givmme a break!”

I shriek out all the pain I have endured as it accelerates to every part of my body before I was fully repelled against it.


I continue to endure the pain as I whine through his heartless torture.

“Cmon, knock it off! We have our order not to harm her any further!”
“Just a little more.”

“You idiot! Don’t you realise the Captain can hear all the screaming from here?!”

“Oh… Heh”

I got kicked to the floor as I embrace the moment once more, I land on my face on the hard surface; it was something I wasn’t prepare to embraced against to. I started to coughed and shake violently to get all the mouldy yeasts out of my face, realise this is one of the worse situations I have ever been to, better yet, why me?

A huge impact land on my wrists once more, but this time I decided to endure all the pain and sorrow deep to my heart. I clenched my teeth as I constantly endure the pain without making a sound and fight back against my tears.

“What a tough girl, I want to hear you cry!”

“Gon! Enough! If you won’t stop, I’ll report this to Captain!”

“Tsk, do you have to spoil the fun?”

“Do you even listen to the orders?”

“Those orders are boring!  … Dammit!”

I felt relieve as the pressure released from my back, I give few huge sigh reviving my physical health.


I slowly turn to my right side and looked towards to those evil soldiers while holding the pain from my wrists and watched them locking me up in this mouldy stone place behind iron bars. I definitely confirm that I am a prisoner, but it left me to say is why am I a prisoner?

As I watch the soldiers walked away from my cell, I began to felt there is no hope for me, everything that has happened to me went so fast, I could vaguely remember how I got here in the first place. I pulled myself against the cold stone wall as I still clenched my teeth against the pain that has left over me.

Few moments later, I slowly decided not to die out without knowing what has happen to me or where am I at. I begin taking few deep breaths; losing my anxiousness and start planning what should I do next.

My first plan was bending my knees as I move my arms forward, so I could remove the limits from my movements; it was a painful experience when I do this because the chain was heavy and linked with an iron ball at limited distance, it took one try to make sure the iron ball did not land on my feet, I was quite lucky that the iron ball was small enough to go over my arms. I looked at my wrist for any injuries and found my wrists are terribly bad; my wrists turn to purplish-red colour with many small blood droplets leaking up almost as if it forming red river.

Realising how bad this place is, I could not stay here any longer and the atmosphere is starting to get worsen as  I started to smell unpleasant odours; it smelt like rotten flesh corpse left in open field for many days along with faeces around it.

I glanced around my surroundings for any hints to escape and notice the hays was piled up suspiciously, without a moment, I hopped to the hay and start searching desperately.

I may be lucky, but what I found was…


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