It has been a day since I came to unknown world and new form that I have not fully observed, in fact, I don’t even know what I look like at all! Now, I’m wondering if I can still live like this, I hate it so much! No, I despite it! I want to return to my own world and return to my original form and live in peaceful life. Not until, I learnt even more mysteries piling up on my shoulders.

I woke up once again, knowing this is reality; same room, same bed. I look carefully around my surroundings again; a square maple table close to the bed where I am sleeping at, beside it, is an elm wooden bench with few scratches. The wooden floor seems like it has never been clean before; I could see few dirty spills display around the room as well as old, dust ashy fireplace behind the table by several feet away and it appears it been used very often, and an old wooden door beside the fireplace. Along the left side wall is a square hole which seems to be an open window, allowing daylight raying through the room.

I gaze at the dirty floor close to the bed and notice there’s small scandals almost camouflage to the floor. Out of curiosity, I lift up sandals with my hand and realising the sole is made the same type of wood as the floor is and the silky strings seems to stand out the most; making it easy target to  find, thanks to the daylight. Another question came to my mind was… Will these sandals fit me?

I try on the sandals without hesitation and surprisingly, it fits. I get off the bed with excitement and gave a few steps with the sandals, it felt quite comfortable and painful at the same time because of the strings between my toes, but I was more surprise that the strings could wrap around my toe, ankle and my calf.

I startled as I heard the door broke open with loud, thump sound, I turn around to see who it was and it turn out to be a young lady with heavy sliver armour with yellow stripes around the armour’s edges, navy-blue eyes with long, straight, blond hair. The armoured lady glanced at me with her cold navy blue eyes, showing her dark expression to me as if I did something bad without me realising.

I started to shudder as I felt a murder aura trying to choke me for words while forcing me to stare at her,

“Wha-wat-what’s g-go-go-going on?”

The armour lady suddenly glared on me and walks off. It left me puzzled why she broken in the room and left all the sudden.

Until I heard a loud command across the hallway, “CAPTURE THE GIRL AND DESTROY ALL SUPPLIES!”

Many voices rain down as soon as the order has been instructed, “YES, SIR!”

I shock as I heard many voices echoes around the room; heavy thumping sounds also echoes the room and I instinctively looked for escape route as I worried what would happen.

I desperately hurried to reach my exit as I fear people are definitely looking for me; I jump and push myself up on the wooden dresser and hastily look through the window for surroundings; beautiful open green field to my left as the forest is hustling to the right, towards me was a greyish cobblestone path to this house to somewhere far off. Something caught my attention as I fixated at the certain distance was the young man who taken care of me the other day lying on the reddish grass near the old tree, I was stunned for a bit and try to look closer.

Before I do, I was suddenly been grabbed by few people, I completely forgotten I was being chased. With all my strength, I struggle to reach my exit; however, I was no match against them with term of strengths. With my dissatisfied, I kept struggling as hard as I could to reach my goal but I was slowly pulled away from the window.

I cried as I hard as I could to keep pushing, “NNOO-“

I got knee to my face, forcing me to shut up by biting my tongue; an awful pain like my jaw muscle got snapped by a knife as my teeth claws in my tongue. My ears went ringing wildly as I saw those people taken commands from their leader; I notice they are some sort of an army. They started chained my wrist and blindfolded me before I can start to retaliate as I painfully moan while been dragged like a priceless doll going to be thrown away.

I felt warm breeze into my tired body, not knowing what would happen to me and I suddenly got thrown in somewhere, before I realise it started to move away.

I struggled once more to get rid of the chains and blind folder, with all my efforts; it did not help at all. The thing felt like I was in hell having roller-coaster taking heavy injuries along the ride before I even get to reach to the end.

After long period of being blind and immobilised, they unfolded my eyes. What I saw was…


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