Everyday life is peaceful and I love it; daily hobbies and good gaming. There’s nothing more I can say and turn in for a night… That is I always wish to reset my life, I always hated my name and sometimes got picked on because of my name, regardless, I started to get nickname instead because my full name were hard to pronounce for most people I knew.

“Kai..” I said to myself in depress way.

I swell in with hatred and clenched my hatred to my fist as my face hardens itself for impact, I thrown myself a punch to my face.

I calmly let go my anger and slowly slipped into my bed and slowly thinking about myself.

I am twenty years old, who loves gaming, fantasy worlds and silent moments. I really don’t mind going to school at all; it felt like I can just waste time in school literally doing nothing. I never say my true name in delightful way, I despite having that kind of name the day I was born and because of this; my friends, classmate and everyone I know only say one part of my name, “Kai”. A nickname taken off from my true name and much easier to pronounce since its only one syllable and so, I closed my eyes for a long, nice sleep.

I had a strange dream; a dream in some way makes me feel pleasant yet unpleasant at the same time, a dream that doesn’t make sense but feel responsible and justice. I usually have a dream that predict small amount of time in the future but not this kind of dream that pop up small sceneries of someone else…

I woke up hazily from my long pleasant dream as I begin to relax my long thin arms and legs… Except I felt something was off, something… that I have never felt or interact with. I startled myself and glimpse my surroundings and my body, I suddenly felt a huge impact to  my heart, frozen stiff as I realise that I am shorter with silkly, smooth  skin while dumbfound  where  I am. I check my torso and gently pat towards my chest and slowly work my way down bit by bit as I feel a shock, shaking heavily as soon as I realise I touch my genitalia. The shock has taken over me cursing me to suffociate; as my head kept pounding like stones crashing into my skull, the numbiness rapidly consume my hands and feet like four dark, yellow spiders paralyze me to keep me on bay.

I grasp for help as my throat felt very dry refusing to shout as my tears began to overflow knowingly, this place is vastly open green field where there’s no sign of living beings. I felt a gentle breeze pleasantly push my backside, I instinctively struggle to gaze behind me and saw sea of trees gentle swinging in union like a happy family singing together and there’s a small bulky figure calmly walking toward my path. I smile to relieve to see a person would come and notice me, hopefully to aid my side, I immediately lost my strength with clear tears of hope…


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