First Encounter

I hazily woke up with my sloppy eyes as if I haven’t slept for a whole day. I glimpse around me and first thought came to my mind was viciously shake my head side to side and sudden slap my cheek while hoping to return back to reality.

Instead, I hurt my cheek with tears slowly clenching on my cornea with a small sensitive cute cry as I rub gently to wear the pain off.


I began to blush deeply after hearing such a sweet voice so close to my ear that it felt like it grew larger as elf ears and my eyes begin to widen itself to petrifying state. I unconsciously touch my cheeks with my hands, building up my excitement as I began to smile warmly; as it felt like taking a nice, long, relaxing hot bath after few week of filthiness.

I snapped out to reality as I silently heard a slight sigh nearby, I turn to my left and abashed to see a beam young man; short, crimson hair, dull brown eyes, light leather armour with a white strap from left shoulder to down to his waist which seem to be holding a heavy sword behind his back. Calmly observing me from fair distance, I hastily grabbed the bed blanket and pulled it with all my might. Not knowingly that heavy pressure lay on opposite of the bed. I felt embarrassed and scared as I couldn’t use the blanket; I took the new direction, slowly aim the wooden pillow from its original place toward the man’s face with all my strength, then I hurry off the bed and –


A loud thundering voice screeching across the room as he covered his face from the pain while I was stunned; it was almost like a dragon took the large bastilia arrow to its back and cry in front of me. I was petrified to lose my reason why I attacked him and helplessly watched what would happen next.

The man glared at me with a murderous intent; I shudder like I was unaware walking into no-man land. My tears silently pour down as I still watch him what will happen next. The man took a big breath and slowly approaches me with a calm expression on his face, gently squat down to my height level and softly reaches his fingers to my cheek and smiled.

“Did I scare you? … I’m very sorry.”

After hearing his gentle voice, I immediately release my pain with my cry; his face slowly changes to peaceful and he embraces me sharing my pain. I calmly quiet down to peaceful sleep hoping it will last for a while…


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