I was release from my cell, thanks to Iris and Kai. I started to wonder, why was I being captured?

Without hesitation, I asked them before they decided their next goal,

“Why was I been captured?”

Iris and Kai look at each other for a moment. Then Iris answered my question in;

“Well… It’s Kai‘s fault leaving you behind and got your captured. Please forgive his lack of sense.”

I felt it wasn’t enough to answer my question, especially she smiled at me. It was almost like they were avoiding my question. I started asked in different view:

“So, why they’re after Kai? Were they capturing me to lure Kai? They say I was special.”

Iris became confused after hearing my question; Kai looks anxious as we suspect his odd behaviour. Kai spilled out the reason like he somewhat hate being suspicious.

“Well, I guess they are after my head… Hahaha… Maybe they still have a grudge of me; humiliated them at Yerin City… Their mistress’s necklace doesn’t look special, so I don’t really see why they still chasing me.”

Iris and I was shocked when we listen his lame excuses, I now know how stupid he really is.  Iris let out a huge sigh, like she wishes she shouldn’t join him as companion or hoping ignore his existence. I, the other hand, asked him about the necklace he stolen.

“Could you let us see the necklace?”

Kai looked shocked as if he got shot by an arrow to his heart and gently laugh it out,

“Hahaha.. ha ha.. I somewhat left it at Yerin City… Don’t worry; I’m sure I know where it is.”

He forced his smile on me. I glared at him knowing he’s in deep trouble for meddling somewhat noble person. Kai suddenly changed the topic.

“Let’s not waste time; we need to find the orange scent book. Nara, you should come with us; it’s not safe outside.”

I changed my opinion for Kai when I saw his expression; he was acting like a leader who could control the situation and sometimes, spoil the mood when the situation is gets serious. His comments left me in doubts. Once again, I curiously asked him:

“It’s not safe outside? Why’s that? An attack is happening outside?”

Kai quickly respond,

“Don’t worry about what’s going on outside, we’re safe here. Iris, do you have any ideas where the book would be?”

Iris gave a thought, wondering where it’s likely to be hidden and replied to Kai with confidence,

“It’s likely to be either at the entrance or deep end of this dungeon.”

I got annoyed when they are avoiding my question again and I suddenly roundhouse kick Kai’s stomach; just before they move on, grabbing their attention. I persuade them with confidence,

“I know where it is, I can tell you where it is, only if you tell me what’s going on outside.”

Kai ignored me regardless of my kick. He presses on searching for the diary; while Iris took the interest and notice I have something hidden under my shirt; I couldn’t believe they haven’t realised something obvious till now.

“Nara, what’s under your shirt?”

Iris is curious of what I have under my shirt; after all, it does look like a book shape poking out from my shirt. I smiled towards her; confirm she made a deal with me.

“It’s something you may be looking for.”

Iris realise what I had and called Kai back, “Kai, please come back! Nara has it!”

Kai started to run towards us, making sure if it was the truth.

“Really, Iris?”

Kai looked at me like a greedy pig and slowly confuse and looked back at Iris with dumbfound face.

“I don’t see the book.”

Iris and I stared at each other with disappointment and nod each other with an agreement to leave him out.

“Let’s go, Nara.”


We walked away from Kai’s sight and knew Kai was left behind; puzzling about this situation. Not too long, he caught up with us and desperately said,

“Iris, where are you going? We need to find the book!”

Iris couldn’t bear of the stupidity of him and told him,

“Nara has the book, foolish Kai.”


Kai was still puzzled and looked at me with his frowning face, as I take out the diary of what they were looking for; from under my shirt. Kai begun to sniff the smell of orange, and walked closer and closer to me; almost like a stupid pig searching for food. He started to sniff my blonde, straight hair… I couldn’t take his stupidity any longer and started to slam the diary towards his face then continue slamming to his stomach, as releasing my anger as I yell at him,

“GOD… DAMN… IT!…  DON’T YOU… HAVE… ANY… COMMON… SENSE?!” I took a deep breath and yell at him with all my lungs, “YOU STUPID FOOL!”

I started to catch my breath again while holding the diary tightly. Kai dropped on the ground, moaning the pain; rolling on the floor like he got food poisoned. Iris smile happily and tell Kai,

“Kai, it’s not very nice to sniff young lady’s hair.”

Kai put his pointy finger up, giving his sign to Iris, fully understood the consequence of doing inappropriate things to girls. I, the other hand, didn’t forgive his stupidity and walked towards Iris and willing to give her the diary; I felt I should give it to her, trying to avoid unnecessary events.

Iris gladly accepted it with her gentle smile, “Thank you, Nara.”

I watched Kai getting himself up, holding his stomach and looked at me with an response,

“Sorry, I’ll make sure, I won’t do it again.”

Kai smile weakly, looking for forgiveness but I looked away from Kai as soon as I saw him smiling and glance at the door and asked,

“Is this door the exit?”

Iris gently replies,

“Yes it is. We must be careful for now on. There’s a war happening outside; between the rebellions and the empire.”

Kai looked serious and whisper to Iris,

“Iris, I thought we won’t tell her.”

“It’s better to let her know now, she will ask, soon or later.”

I could hear their whispering loud and clear, I avoid their conversation and turn towards the door and I could hear the same sounds like last time but faintly. I turn the doorknob clockwise and pulled the heavy door open with all my strength. The sudden cold breeze ram down the dungeon, as I embrace myself against the wind, slowly glared outside as the wind raining down to my body.

There was a war happening near to the prison I was in, but I couldn’t tell which one is the rebels as both armies have similar outfits but different colours and symbol attached. I found it strange that in their battle, both armies do not have iron equipment; only hide helmets, studded armours and leather boots. Their weapons is something I have never seen before, their sword were made of bluish solid iron-alike.

I was surprise when a slight touch of human’s hand gently laid on my left shoulder. I forgotten about Iris and Kai was behind me, almost blocking the entrance of the prison. I looked to my left, following the trail and it turned out to be Iris’s hand; smiled cheerfully,

“Nara, it’s time to make a breakthrough. Don’t worry; we’ll protect you till we all made it through.”

I felt somewhat ease after hearing it from Iris; I think she knows how to control the situation perfectly, unlike Kai does. Speaking of which, Kai went ahead of me, and unsheathe his short bluish-metal sword and take a fighting stance.

“Let’s go.”

I suddenly wondered why we must breakthrough the battlefield, before I ask for another question; Iris took my left hand and run forward, forcing me to run with her. Kai took the lead; breaking through the chaotic field. I suddenly felt scared and anxious as I looked at many corpses laid on the ground; I had no choice but to stomp on few corpses to press onward. It was unpleasant to do but I have no choice; Iris was still pulling me through the battlefield. This terrible moment was like being pulled to run on a rough, lumpy surface.

This breakthrough was a bad idea; I don’t know why they suggest it. I started to lose my hand from Iris. Bit by bit, I knew my hand will slowly slipped away from Iris hand, there wasn’t anything that Iris and I could do. Iris was busy defending me and herself from armies as she keep pushing forward, I couldn’t keep up with her speed.

We were nowhere close to Kai; I couldn’t find him in the battlefield and hastily decided to get out from the war with Iris.

A sudden, loud roar roams across the field, forced everyone to halt, I shudder from the roar and realise something awful is going to happen. Next moment, large shockwave descended to the ground, I lost my balance and landed on my right arm. I slowly stood up while I hold my small injury from my right arm. I notice the two armies were looking at their right; fearing something they have never seen before. I also looked at the same direction where everyone lost in fear and realise something… Something that I never thought I will able to see it from my eyes.


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