I found an black, thick book which reads ‘Edward’ on front cover; the colour of the text interest me, it reminded me of chocolate heavily poured on orange and carefully carved in of shape form, except I dislike the flavour. The smell lures me in though, it was a strong, sweet orange scent emits from its cover.

I grew consciously and carefully open the book and skim read the contents. It happened to be someone’s dairy, as I continue to skim read the dairy, I took interest to this certain page:

“Year 765,

I decided to study the secrets of magic and the mystical race that’s been called as ‘Elf’. The research is long and tiring, but of course, I enjoy myself finding new mysterious and unimaginable events.

Year 770,

I have lost track of time, I’m sorry for not telling you what I been doing, my dear diary. I unravelled the secrets of magic. It took me many trials and there’s been no luck of wielding magic. However, I manage to dig out valuable information about elves. Apparently, they do not like us at all, I don’t understand why but what a fascinating creature! They are almost like goddess and gods, dirt does not stain their skin or contact close to their form. They look like us except they have perfect body form and strange faint blue birth pattern on their faces; I’m not really sure what it’s for, perhaps they were born with it?

Year 771,

Finally! The day has come! My persistence has finally paid off! The sweet, beauty elf finally able to tell me about their magic and culture! This is my exciting moment in my life! I’m fortunately to learn the secrets that most Humans have never learnt art of magic, but I’ll keep it a secret even if it’s my dairy; a secret I promised with the elf.

Year 776,

This is awful! Dreadful! I just learn that it is almost impossible for us to use magic after all! I couldn’t use a single magic! No! My dream of easy life is still far apart from reality! I must work hard, from this point forward, I’ll be studying magic and adapting to elf’s culture. My dear dairy, I won’t write any longer until next time, but don’t worry, I’ll write you general formula of what magic is capable of; For me and you only.

Year 777,

How are you, my dear diary? I have finally learnt about magic. Ah… My dream is coming true. I’m finally glad to reach my lifetime goal, my greatest moment of my life! My dear dairy, as I promise you, I shall tell you something that we have never guess before.

The magic is a god form to all of u; all species are capable to use magic, we just don’t know how to use it. Some of us are able to use it subconsciously; while the others will have to work immensely hard, like myself. It took me 6 years to fully understand elf teaching:

Magic is within you. You must feel, create and control.

At first, I thought he was playing around with me and I kept pestering him to give me the truth. It took a long time before he told me that we; humans, are the only species who has the most difficulties to use magic. After I heard this, I was utterly upset; it took me some time to understand why we have trouble using magic. We are dangerous species to all kinds; we could literally abuse magic easily if we weren’t restricted by nature. But more than that, creating magic is extremely difficult to all species; even with elves, they something has trouble of using magic. Except there is an mythical race that Elves inspires, I think they called them as ‘Draon’. They told me that they are peaceful, emotional race and has dragon scales alike on their backbone. Who can use magic with no effort; I would love to see one.

My dear diary, it’s feels very pleasant to write to you again, I have learnt many things about elf’s culture and magic, I have decided not to abuse magic for personal use as I understood why we were restricted of using magic. And this is my lifetime goal; use magic for justice and help for those in needs.

Year 790,

It been a long time my dear diary, I’m sorry of keeping you lost; you are my precious belongings. I will make sure not lose you again. Many thugs keep trying to stealing you! I must keep you with me at all times; I believe they want to know the secret of magic and I will do in my power to protect you from thieves.

As for today, I have very good news that I must tell you!

I have been assigned to be First Court Wizard in Asarik! I couldn’t believe Kirk the King has promoted me to such … Well, I really don’t understand what my job really is but I’m happy that I could serve him dearly.

Personally, I think he….”

While I was reading his diary, I got interrupted when I heard a loud sudden attack coming nearby my cell; I close the diary and hid it under my dull brownish rag clothes. I run closer to rusty iron bars and try to take a peek of what was happening.

I could hear metals clashing each other as if they are harmful each other for the sake of their owner. Long sharp wind scatter across the atmosphere like they are setting up sharp bamboo trap falling on their prey. Footsteps getting heavier; crushing down what’s on their path and cries crumbling to their prey.

I step away from the bars as the footsteps are getting louder and closer, my sense tells me they are coming here.

I carefully lay low where the hays are, hoping they would not find me, and then I thought to myself, why am I hiding? It could be someone breaking into the cells for some reason. But I felt strong aura coming in as if they are willing to loot something from this miserable place.

A young man slowed his movement and looks in the cell, at the opposite of me and then turns the other way with his shock expression.

It’s the same person who I met in his home! I was relieve and shocked, seeing him alive and well. I calmly walk towards him as he was relieved to see me well.

“I’m glad to see you again.”

My heart stirred with disappointment after he has left me alone in his hut and fakes his death, I glanced at him with angry and shouted him with all my lungs.


He felt embarrassed and gently smile with a response:

“Sorry… For getting you captured… Sorry…”

I grew angrier with my eye glared on him, but I notice there was another person standing behind him; a young female with stud armour that has iron pierced on leather. She also wearing fingerless leather gloves with a long, sharp sword with an “Iris” name engraves on her sword surface. She was observing the situation between me and him and looked at me with her clear blue crystal eyes.

“Kai, you really don’t know how to greet a young lady.”

Huh?! I was stunned when I heard someone said my name and looked at her again to clarify what she just said. She was looking at different direction; toward the young man who was called Kai!

“Err.. no.. no, no, no. It just happen all the sudden-“

“Save your story later, we got to receive the book we’d paid for, after we break the cell for the young lady.”

I stared at the young man who apparently called Kai, then to the young female swordsman, she smile to me and gently asked:

“What is your name, young lady?”

It has come to my sense that I have never thought of keeping my real name or change my name entirely. I couldn’t think of a name or use my real name because Kai is taken by the same guy who saved and ditched.

“Is something wrong? Or do you like me to introduce myself and Kai?”

I nodded quickly as I was making my decision.

“My name is Iris Breaker, an excellent swordsman when it comes to swords fight and this person here is Kai, Kai Luon. He, well.. He’s an idiot.”

“Hey, Iris, that’s rude! You know I’m good with swordfight!”

“Yes, yes, we got to get her out.”

I stared at two of them talking casually, and realise I would need a name…

“Young lady, what is your name?”

I looked at them and glance around, thinking of a name as I look at the water on the stone floor, reflecting the moonlight from the prison window.

“Look, we haven’t got much time, please tell us your name and we will break the door.”

As the pressure hits me, I thought of a random name as ‘Mirror’ and decided to tell them my name:

“It’s Nara…”

I misspoke my name, and Kai hastily move back from the iron door. I realise it would be late to say ‘Mirror’ and stick to my name as ‘Nara’ and added another word as my last name:

“Nara Maho…”

Iris smiled at me and said, “Alright, Nara, please step back, Kai is going to break down the door for you.”

I move away from the iron bar and waited at the opposite of the iron door close to the stone wall.

Kai started to ram the iron door with all his strength, with his determine eyes and will; it took him fewl times to get the iron door open. Kai crashed on the stone floor and got up as he started to rub his wound from great impact.

“Ouch, ow, ow, ow.”

Iris happily giggles as she saw Kai rubbing his right shoulder:

“Teeheehee, good work.”

I stared at Kai who got his pain to stop aching and embraced his pain as his step out of the jail, Iris look at me and calmly say:

“Nara, you’re free.”

I hesitated to walk out of the cell at first and I hold my hesitation as I walked out of the cell. I was finally got out of the cell with the help of two kind companions, who I hope knows where I really am…


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