Keyboard & server

This post is about my research I found while browsing on internet that I find quite interesting and find things have some common.

Keyboard – I realise that new technology are trying to make keyboards slimmer than previous generation, which is happening in present. In the near future, keyboard may or may not be made into a rectangle box with no keys, which will feel totally different when typing onto the new “keyboard”.

Next is ergomotion keyboard, its a new design that will reduce your wrist stress / injury; Making it safer to type.

Lastly, flexible keyboard, its already mass production but I don’t really think a lot of people know about it. Flexible keyboard is self explained, it seem to be dust and water resistant.

Next is about Server / Tower case.

Most server/tower are made into rectangle thin box with different designs placed at front while keeping the bottom similarity the same with the rest.


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