This post is all about gathering images of Cables; that are use for networks and computers.

First image is colourful cables, they are used for networks; ethernet cables.

This image is a closer view at the end cable of ethernet:

A diagram of what colour and wires been used in one of the ethernet cable:

Next two images are power cable that are used for computer.

A closer view on each side of end cables.

Next image is monitor cable; at the end of the cable, showing pins.

Next is DVI and HDMI cable.

A closer view to HDMI cable end:

A closer view on DVI cable end:

A image of bird view of some cables:

Lastly, a image of Audio and Video cables:


Ethernet Cable (colours)

Ethernet Cable End

Ethernet Cable Colour Code

Power Cable

Power Cable (Closer View)

Monitor Cable

DVI & HDMI Cable End

HDMI Cable End (Closer View)

DVI Cable End (Closer View)

Overview of Computer Cables

Audio & Video Cables


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