Artist – Tim Spanjer

He is environment artist who is currently living in Atlanta at Georgia. He   worked on three different pc games on modelling and texturing; Ace of Angels, Space Empires V and Starfury, which he also joined three different company while doing his job: Flying Rock Enterprises, Malfador Machinations and Meggitt Training Systems. He also went graduate from University of Georgia for Bachelor of Fine Arts.

He has gain quite a lot of different skills in dozen programs from his work such as After Effects, xNormal, CryEngine, Mudbox, Crazybump, MAX Script, Unreal development kit, Marmoset toobay, 3D Maya and 3D Max.

He has his own website showing his work, about himself as well as showing his CV online:

Tim Spanjer Website:

He creates his own maps by using Unreal Development Kits and other softwares for materials, meshes, textures and lightning, like these three pictures below:

Space Hangar Map:

City Street Map:

Middle Eastern Hut:


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