Final Major Project (Statement of Intent)

My intention for my final major project will be called “Asterisk Gaze”, its about objects I  often used in my lifetime; namely, an Desktop PC with 6 monitors and an flexible chair, which blends into futuristic scenery which I adored during my childhood. Its an space environment where its dim, dark yet beautiful to see; as there will be glass windows used as walls and ceiling, where many stars can be seen at. I’ll be taking snaps of several still pictures to produce the outcome of my desire scenery at the size of 1024 x 768

I’m been influenced by this picture:

It came to my mind after I needed something related to PC, monitor and futuristic type for my project. It was made by a member of DeviantArt; named ryoheihuke. He design dark stylish art of his personal interest.

There are three environment artists that caught my attention; David Lesperance and Tim Spanjer.

I’m astonished towards David Lesperance’s 3D Modeller work because of the way  he created uncanny metals and wires jointed together.

As the other artist, Tim Spanjer’s space hangar map I like the atmosphere in the hangar because the aura goes dark, quiet and quite beautiful to see.

My Project is quite similar to Digital Space unit because both scenes is something I desire to make and most of technique I learnt in Digital Space are needed for this scene such as extrude and polygon shapes (resize, edit faces / vector points).

I will be using camera for two reasons:

1 – record visual imagery of scene location to provide better understand where to place objects in scenery.

2 – Needed to record visual textures for objects that are needed in scenery.

Below are the objects / materials needed in my scenery:

— Monitor

— Cables

— Chair



–Tower Unit

— Metal objects (Poles, Beams, Bolts and Screws, Hinges, Pipes, floor)

Photoshop is necessary when it comes to resizing, filtering, adjustments for better outcome in the scenery as well as mapping the scene I will create from small objects (been labelled) into the objects that will be used in final scene.

I will be using small objects to label them as objects (use for final scene) and be use for location purposes (e.g. Take a SD card and label it as an chair for my scenery, then place where it may be for the scene.)

Then sketched each objects on papers and see how the scene objects would be like and afterwards assemble all scene objects into one final page before produce in 3D Maya. After making them in 3D Maya into final  scene, next step is taking several still imageries of my scene by using render window in Maya.


Week 1:

Researching Artist’s work from either primary or secondary source (most informations are in their blogs; the artists that have similar genre to my piece.)

Finding objects and record its visual surfaces. (Use Camera to record and finding images from internet for other purposes.)

Find small objects for scene purposes (finding amount of small objects for scene is not clarify till creating scene locations.)

Week 2:

Use Photoshop to edit images to use in Maya.

Create rough sketches of the scene location (Bird view & Side view)

Confirm and Mark each small objects for purposes in scenery, after place them in specific locations for scenery. (Make a list for each objects assembled as.)

Use Photoshop to mark where objects should be for the scene.

Week 3:

Create clear / final sketches  for scene location.

Sketch each objects of what they may be like for scenery. (Use the images from camera and internet for reference.)

Move all sketched objects into an single paper for scene outcome.  (Bird view & Side View)

Week 4:

Finished Bird View & Side View for scene outcome from previous week.

Start on producing the room for the scene. (Maya) + (Use two papers that are recently completed for reference)

Start on making objects. (Maya)

Week 5:

Finish on producing the room. (Maya)

Finished on making objects. (Maya)

Start Texturing on the scene.

Evaluate the Scene (Feedback from friends/ classmate / family)

Week 6:

Finished on Texturing.

Improve the scene (Depends on Feedbacks)

Evaluate once more on Scene.

I will ask member of my family to evaluate my work on my scenery, of what could be improve and any other feedbacks that would help me for my scene and I will be msn my friend for their feedback of my work by providing them several or dozen of pictures of my scene and asking for their feedback and what would be improve in the scene.

Biblograph: – David Lesperance’s Personal Blog. – Tim Spanjer’s Website. – The picture which inspires me.


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